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#18 Smegma Biscuits From Hell

My old lady and I will both be hitting with our own groups this coming week, hers on Tuesday the 20th at Barbes and mine on Wednesday the 21st at iBeam.  Her band House Of Illusion, now in it's 17th year or so, will feature Guillermo Klein, Loren Stillman, Nate Radley and Russ Meissner in addition to myself.  She wrote all new music for this gig.  There's one song about watching her mother lose her memory.  There's another one about eating really good pizza in Buenos Aires.

My gig will be the debut of my new band Pavoguchi, featuring myself and Masa Kamaguchi, both on lead bass.  I've never done a gig with just two basses before.  It may or may not be a good idea.  Masa seems like the right guy to do it with, either way.  I wrote a new piece for it, "Smegma Variations #1".  It's adapted from an unplayable composistion that I wrote a while ago called "Smegma Biscuits From Hell".  It's never been performed and will probably continue to not be, since it's unplayable.  This new variation may be, just barely.  We'll find out.

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