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#21 More PAVOGÜCHI For You (to poop on)

Because you asked for it (or rather because you may have asked for it if I asked you to ask me for it, which of course I didn't because like all artists I fear rejection), here are a few more video clips from the world premiere of Pavogüchi on January 21st at IBeam.

The first video is from the third tune we played that night, my composition "So Much As Happy Lives Lovely As For Us".  It's cobbled together from a few different pieces as the video machine started inexplicably shutting off around this point in the show.  Once again the camera work is suspect but we managed to find a few nice spaces on this one.  WARNING:  There is much use of the bow as a melodic device here.  May not be appropriate for young children and small animals.

After that we played a newer one of mine entitled "A Zagnut, A Dr. Pepper And A Reason To Live."  There's a story behind that title but I don't feel like relating it right now.  This one cuts off right after Masa's solo and before mine which is a shame because my solo on this was really quite profound.  Quite.

At that point the Flip video recorder being used to document the proceedings gave up the ghost entirely and the rest of the evening would have been lost to the vagaries of history had my lovely wife not decided to pull out her trusty iPhone and record the last couple of tunes.  The resulting video is grainy, low-fi and just generally shitty but you do get to hear the tail end of "Smegma Variation #1 (Theme From Smegma Biscuits From Hell)".  This is the one piece I wrote specifically for this gig and therefore a debut performance.  After that we close the show with my old standby "King Nicotine" in which you can witness the simple unfettered joy of two bassists playing in E.


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