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#20 Behold: PAVOGÜCHI!

Here is some video from the world premiere of Pavogüchi last week at iBeam in Brooklyn.  It may be our last performance as well (what's a good antonym for premiere?).  It's all about ratings, who knows what those crazy kids will like these days?

Anyway, the first video is our take on Gary Peacock's "Reciprocity".  It's kind of a gay song but I think we managed to do something with it.  The heater kicks off about a minute and a half in and the sound becomes bareable, although the overall sound quality is not that great.  Also the video quality is pretty low.  And you can't see Masa in most of this clip.  But fuck it, this is PAVOGÜCHI!

The second composition (and all of the rest of the music we did that night) was written by me.  It's called "Damning With Faint Praise".  We didn't play any of Masa's music.  I don't even know if he writes music but if he does it's probably better than this.  You can see Masa in this one.

More to come, if the ratings are high enough.

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