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#4 The Horns Band Residency Begins Tonight 10/2/14

I'm excited to bring my Horns Band into for a three-night residency beginning tonight at 9:00.  It will be the second such extended residency that I've done with this band, the first being about a year ago at  It is incredibly rare these days to get to play more than one night (or even more than one set) in a venue.  Only the Village Vanguard offers the traditional week-long gig anymore and anyone who's seen a band play there on multiple nights over the course of a run will understand what an amazing thing that is.  There are a few other venues in the city that may book a very well-established band for two or three nights but beyond that it has become virtually impossible to play enough with a single band to get the music really tight, for the guys to start really playing.  That's the only way to do it and the reason why bands sounded so great "back in the day".  They played together all the time, over and over again, night after night.

With the rise of independent artist-run spaces like IBeam and SEEDS in Brooklyn and curators like Brian Drye and Ohad Talmor who understand the need for this kind of opportunity in the contemporary jazz scene musicians and audiences are again being offered the chance to hear a band playing together over multiple nights, searching for and finding more often than not the moments when the magic truly happens, when why becomes irrelevant and the music just is.


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