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#33 Without Fear Of Wind Or Vertigo

This is my seventh appearance at Smalls with The Horns Band.  There's some brand new music here including, in this set, "Secrets Of Pool Hustling" and "Without Fear Of Wind Or Vertigo".  "Secrets Of Pool Hustling" is a bass feature.  No one really wants to hear a bass feature ("drums stop very bad") but it's my band so fuck it.  Nobody walked out as far as I could tell.  And actually I think it's kind of purdy.  The title comes from an instructional video I used to have on VHS.  It was made sometime in the eighties and featured a dude with feathered hair called Pretty Boy Floyd.  He put up a valiant effort to be a tough guy, saying things like "let me tell you" and "money talks and the rest walks", but he was undermined by poor production values, terrible CHIPS-like music, ill-advised dramatic re-enactments and ladies who's hair was even more luxurious than his.  I learned absolutely nothing from it.  It was beautiful.

"Without Fear Of Wind Or Vertigo" is the title of one of the novels within a novel in Italo Calvino's masterpiece "If Upon A Winter's Night A Traveller".  I have this grandiose idea to write an extended work that is structured like his novel.  That may or may not happen but in the meantime here's a strange little piece of music that somehow evokes the feeling of Calvino's work for me.  I hope you dig it.

With Scott Wendholt, Loren Stillman, Jacob Garchik and Mark Ferber.

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