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#32 Defeating The Porpoise

This is my seventh appearance at Smalls with The Horns Band.  There's some brand new music here including, in this set, "Defeating The Porpoise".  Most of my music takes at least a few performances (and a rewrite or two or seven) to take shape and this one's no exception but there are some nice moments in this debut performance of it.  The title comes from a mistake (spell check or possibly illiteracy induced) that I saw someone make online.  It went in my notebook of humorous or interesting phrases.  As it bounced around in my head it started to take on an air of profundity.  What could be the purpose of defeating a porpoise?  Why would one choose to do battle with such a benign (at least to humans) creature?  Have I stumbled upon yet another allegory for the absurdity of human existence?  Is the human race so inherently warlike that we would do violence to a porpoise just because we can?  "Hey fuck you, Porpoise!  You think you're so great, I'm gonna show you!  I'm gonna kick your fucking ass!  Now you'll know who's in charge!"  Or perhaps the porpoise is Donald Trump.  In which case I've written an anthem for the resistance.  Damn, look at me.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

With Scott Wendholt, Loren Stillman, Jacob Garchik and Mark Ferber.

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